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Bring the music in your head to life.


An Intro to DAWs

Music Keys

Explaining Tempo

Using Loops

Using SFX


Digital Piano Roll

Scale Highlighting

Creating Drum Patterns

Versatility with Midi

Powerful Plugins

Using Effects

Student Showcase

1.5 Hour Course


Full Day Course


In-School Course

Book our team to come to run your students through our Interactive and Intuitive in-person course. 

Hear What Schools Think

Don't just take our word for it


Grades 7 - 12

Which grades is this course available to?

No, Open DAWs will provide laptops for the students to use

Do students need to bring their own devices to participate?


What Equipment do the students need to bring themselves?

Complete Beginners 

What experience level is the workshop catered towards?

Yes. Our online course "6 Day Music Producer" is the perfect next step for students.

Are there resources available to the students after the workshop?

The course directly addresses and compliments the curriculum.

Does this course align with the current curriculum?

Preferred Date
Course Type

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