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Bring the music in your head to life.

Open DAWs Logo
A student taking part in the Open DAWs in school course
The Open DAWS team teaching at Glasshouse Christian College
Bakani helping a student with the Open DAWs in school course
Matt presenting during at Open DAWs In school course

The Open DAWs school-based program will equip your music students in practical and relevant ways. It will open their eyes to the opportunity right in front of them to start expressing themselves through music, regardless of their resources. 

Equipping students in the classroom.

You heard us. You can start making the music in your head come alive in only 6 days. Skip the countless hours wasted on YouTube wading through a pit of half-answers and technical jargon. Learn the things you NEED to know, anytime. Anywhere.

Learn music production in only 6 DAYS.

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